“6 tips to eating out on a budget”

for a combination of a better effect on your wallet, & inadvertently, your health, check out these 6 tips to eating out on a budget.


tips in summary:

1. “Simple food is often cheap, and often healthier.” (i.e. ordering soups and salads over some elaborate dish)
2. Dine out at food carts! mmm.
3. “Ethnic food is a favorite in our household. It is not only flavorful but often healthier…When possible, I like to order lamb, as most often it is 100 percent pasture raised and high-quality meat”
4. “As mentioned in my first point, soups are often really cheap. I look for places that make soups from scratch. This may take going to a nicer restaurant, but their soups will often be priced reasonably. If you go to an ethnic restaurant, such as Indian, it can be especially cheap! ”
5. Grab some items at a grocery store for an impromptu picnic.
6. “Of course, eating with another person can easily bring down your overall cost per person.” (i ❤ sharing!)



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