So.. i’m allergic to alcohol?

sometimes when drinking alcohol, my nose gets stuffy and i got nauseous.  thought this was typical as alcohol creates mucous and as an asian, i can’t process alcohol as well, which makes me feel a little sick in the stomach.

the past few times when drinking alcohol, my lips have gotten red, itchy and even one small hive appeared on it.  so i thought “maybe i’m allergic to alcohol”

seems like alcohol triggers allergies according to this NY times article i read today!

“Drinking alcohol can cause or worsen allergies, particularly in women” because it contains “histamine, produced by yeast and bacteria during the fermentation process. Histamine, of course, is the chemical that sets off allergy symptoms. Wine and beer also contain sulfites, another group of compounds known to provoke asthma and other allergy-like symptoms.”  Foods like aged cheeses, bread, cider and grapes can also set off allergies like alcohol does.

i still ❤ red wine…mmm.


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  1. so i pretty much just quoted the entire article, but… “Another study of thousands of women published in the journal Clinical and Experimental Allergy in 2008 found that having more than two glasses of wine a day almost doubles the risk of allergy symptoms, even among women who were free of seasonal and perennial allergies at the start of the study.” wowee.

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