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Where is that sneaky sugar?

1. Almond Milk/Rice Milk/Coconut Milk: These popular substitutes for milk can be very high in sugar. Rice milk is a starch that is broken down into liquid form so it acts just like sugar in your body. Almond milk and coconut milk are great on their own but be conscious that you are drinking unsweetened.
2. Peanut butter: In conventional peanut butter brands such as Skippy’s the second ingredient is sugar. I have found added sugar in organic brands as well. Just because the sugar is organic, it’s still sugar. Look for brands of peanut butter where there are one or two ingredients, peanut butter and possibly added sea salt. Why add anything else?
3. Tomato sauce: I quickly grabbed an organic tomato sauce the other day at the store and seemed to be adding it to everything! On top of my quinoa dishes, to every sauce, finally I stopped and thought why do I love this one so much? Second ingredient = sugar! My brain was on a little bit of a sugar kick and I had no idea. Check the ingredients of your tomato sauces and make sure there is no sugar to be found.
4. Salad dressing: Organic salad dressings may look better to the consumer than conventional, but still don’t purchase with a blind eye, this is another place sugar can sneak in. Make your own dressing with a base of oil and add whatever you like: vinegar, lemon, lime, horseradish, herbs, etc.
5. Granola: This is thought of as a healthy snack but check to make sure your granola isn’t sweetened with 20 grams of sugar. Some fantastic brands are sweetened with honey instead, which is a great alternative.
6. Yogurt: Flavored yogurts can have more sugar in them then a bottle of soda. If your yogurt is flavored and has no sugar, make sure it’s not sweetened with fake sugar (i.e. aspartame), which is a neurotoxin and in my opinion, even worse than real sugar. If you like yogurt eat it plain from grass-fed cows and for a bit of sweetness add fruit or raw honey.

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My Childhood Dream

I once had a dream

That when I grew up to be as tall as my mom

And when she would shrink in old age as small as me

I’d carry her on my back.

I’d bring her wherever she wanted to go.

I’d take care of her night and day

Just like she took care of me.

I would make sure that I would get

The privilege of taking care of her in old age;

Not my brother,

Not my sister,


That privilege would be mine.

But I was only five then

And of course dreams at age five

Hardly ever last.

So here I am today

Exactly as tall as

My mom was back then

Who will forever be as tall as

She was back then.


written to the sounds of “Train” by Younger Brother.

rest in peace mom. your beauty lives on every day in all of your children, i promise. 10.08.98

my beautiful mom

my beautiful mom

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