Tomato basil garlic juice

I’ve been replacing a meal or two everyday with a juice. I eat like 5 meals a day so that still leaves room for some normal size meals and proper caloric intake.

This ones about to be a tomato basil garlic juice!

Juicing is a great way for your body to absorb the fullest amount of vitamins from your fruits and veggies. It’s tasty too!




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2 responses to “Tomato basil garlic juice

  1. That’s awesome! I am on Day 30 of a juice fast and it’s been an incredible journey so far. When I finish I also want to replace a meal or two and continue doing it!

    • Sorry I’ve been forever away from my blog but I love juicing! I got a real juicer instead of using my blender and straining it. My boyfriend’s mom bought me an omega 8006 and it’s amazing! I got myself on a routine (for all of two weeks… better than nothing…) and drink a juice every morning. I used to eat a bagel with butter every morning and already I feel so much better– less foggy, so alert and energetic. With coffee I get too jittery and get anxiety sometimes. I’m way too sensitive to it. Juice is the answer.

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