easy diy photobooth with streamers.

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     Oh hooray, hurrah.  I thought this post would be a super fun post to share with everybody and a good time for me to get back (or actually… start…) posting about some things I love!  One thing I really love is photography and everything related to it so here’s a post on how to make a very easy & inexpensive DIY photobooth backdrop. Yes!

     This past weekend, I was away in the Hamptons for my best friend’s bachelorette. We’ve been best friends for more than 12 years, have never missed a birthday and have actually never gone more than a month without seeing each other.  We’ve been ever so lucky to have both decided to go to schools in Florida then move to New York City to start our careers.

     Enough about us and more about the party… of course since this is my best friend, her sister and I had to make it the most memorable party of her life so we went all out with renting a house, getting a limo for a wine tour, having a clam bake and tons more that we may or may not remember.

     One part of the weekend, we had a pool party with the theme of “Officer & a Gentleman”, her favorite movie! Basically, it was a sailor themed day, which ended up just being a bunch of girls hanging around the pool in their multi colored bikinis, but one part of the party did scream the theme– the photo booth!


Here are the materials you need:

  • Two large rolls of streamers (or more depending on how many colors you want)
  • A wall to put your streamers on
  • Blue painter’s tape or masking tape
  • Photo booth props
  • A camera and tripod or any camera without a tripod will do too
  • Camera remote control

     This photo booth was very easy to make and will look great with any party since you can mix and match whatever colors you want.  For the sailor theme, I got blue and white streamers.  I hung up the white streamers first.  Then when I hung up the blue streamers in between, I twisted them slightly before I taped them down to get some texture in the photos.  I used blue painter’s tape to help keep whatever surface I worked on just as it was before and voila! There’s your photo back drop.

     As for the details, if you can see the tiny nautical banners hanging on the top, I get those at Oriental Trading for about a couple of bucks when they were on sale and also got some sailors hats as props there as well.  For the photo booth props, I got those off eBay.  Compared to etsy, Oriental Trading and other websites, eBay’s photo booth props were the cheapest.  I feel like I got about 15 for $5. They do take a few weeks to arrive and you need to assemble them yourself with a glue gun, but for 15 props, it probably took me 5 min. max.  It’s so easy and adds to the DIY feel!

     I set up my SLR camera (Canon Rebel XTi– so old school but so trustworthy– it’s been around the world with me to New Zealand, Thailand, Peru and many more places but I’ll save that story and some photos for a rainy day) on a tripod and put it on the self timer mode.  Then we snapped the night away with this AmazonBasics Wireless Remote for Canon, which was only $8.50 and works like a charm for this purpose.  For you Nikon users, there’s this remote on Amazon as well for $8.50 and works great with Nikons.  You can’t go wrong with either.

    Well, once the back drop was set up (in probably about 20 minutes by myself), the tripod was ready and the camera was in focus, the photos came snapping away.  What do you think???  I hope you love it and please please please share with me any photo booth inspirations you get from this as well.  Happy photo boothing!


the bachelorette & me!

and how could I not feature this lovely lady?


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