Hi! My name is Sarah and I love food and its beneficial properties for our bodies.  Here’s why:

When I was ten, my single mother of three children passed away from bone marrow cancer, which originally started out as breast cancer.  From ten and on, my brother, sister and I ate well-balanced meals of Chef Boyardee, take-out, frozen dinners and lots of bacon! (We did eat some veggies and fruits but because of our economic situation, these unhealthier foods often were a focal point of our meals).  At age twelve, I had high cholesterol because of our diet.  When I was sixteen, I started doing my own shopping and started eating healthier but still uneducated about food, I didn’t really change up my diet until the last couple of years in college.

I look back at how I used to eat as an effect of the events that occurred in my life and am on a mission to eat green, and also, be green! I want to be as healthy as I can be for my family, friends and even my future children so I can live as long as possible to experience their love and happiness.  Eating green has lead to me my new found love of being green wherever/however I can be.

I want others to eat and be healthy as well; therefore, my best friend from high school suggested that I make a blog 1. to consolidate the amount of emails she was receiving from me on recipes, green ideas and nutrition 2. to share it with more people and 3. to have an outlet for writing, yet another passion of mine.

Well, what are friends for?


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