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Lately I’ve been taking advantage of my sleeping state to solve subconscious issues I’ve been having or had (problems within your subconscious are timeless. Issues you’ve had when you were younger can still exist now deep inside your mind just as they were at that age).

Last night, I had a simple and “normal” enough dream to be able to share it!

I was in a dimly lit house and started getting swarmed by insects like horse flies. There were probably hundreds of them. I was trying to turn on the light because I knew if I turned on the light, they would go away. The harder I tried to reach the light, the more the insects swarmed. They were on my mouth, on my eyes, getting in my ears… seriously, everywhere. After a few minutes, I said, “I love and accept myself. I am free. LET GO”, and as I yelled, “LET GO”, the lights came on and the swarm flew away.

Dream interpretations site say the insects represent something bugging (pun intended…) me that’s preventing me from moving forward. In addition, the swarm symbolizes some negative energy or influence in my waking life.

By making the insects go away, I hope this means I’m one step closer to closing the gap between my subconscious and conscious mind and living less of a dichotomic life (even if I’m unaware of it).

In the past three weeks, I’ve had a few “sleep solutions”, which include acceptance of guilt I’ve held since childhood, of the self, and of my position in society.

Try it! What inner issues could you confront and embrace or dissipate?

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