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brunch at cafe triskell.

in times of
savory soups and sweet surprises

(c) Chrysantha C. from Yelp

Hey everyone! Here’s my Yelp review on Cafe Triskell.

“Cafe Triskell became one of my favorite restaurants in NYC in just one meal.  It won me over by the main entree but by dessert, it was hands down one of my favorite places.

I loved the decor of the place as soon as I walked in.  It was cozy, warm and inviting.  The pace of the meal was excellent.  It felt like I was eating at home.

My fiance and I each ordered a french onion soup and split the corned beef hash brunch.  The french onion soup was delicious.  The broth was brimming with flavor, there was the right amount of onions and the blend of cheeses was perfect.  I loved the pieces of the cheese that was burnt.

While we were waiting for our soups, I saw two soups just sitting on the counter and I was wondering why they weren’t serving them to us immediately.  Good thing they didn’t! They were the perfect temperature to enjoy it without burning my mouth, which I’ve done at other places before.  I liked that the cheese in the broth was easy to break through and didn’t turn into one giant clump like at other places.

I am a huge fan of corned beef hash. I sometimes like the canned version better than the real version and I don’t eat anything from cans…’cept for corned beef hash, tuna and chickpeas.  However, this was the best corned beef hash I ever had.  It was a sort of deconstructed version- actual corned beef over hash with a poached egg with a runny yoke and some salad with a hint of mustard in its dressing.  I was very very impressed.

By this time, because the service was so great (our server was so sweet and smiley), the restaurant was so cute and the food was out of this world perfectly delicious, I thought, “I think this is one of my favorite restaurants”.  I was surprised at myself that this stamp of favorite resturant approval could happen so quickly.

I originally didn’t want to order dessert but because the soup and the meal was so great I had to.  This place is known for their crepes.  I got a simple butter sugar crepe and woah, I’ve never had a crepe like this (I’ve made them at home, had them in France, had them at creperies…).  This crepe was crispy, thin and tasty.

OK. Hands down one of my favorite restaurants.  I’ll be back again and again and again and again…  I live in Manhattan but this just made me LOVE Astoria.

A note: two french onion soups, corned beef hash brunch plate that came with coffee, tea or a juice, a tea, and a butter/sugar plate with 20% tip came out to $45.  Cash only!”


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